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Holidaying in Mandurah

If you are thinking of holidaying in Mandurah, Mandurah Car Hire is the company to call to hire a car suitable for your individual requirements.

Mandurah and the wider Peel region offers many things to do and places to go.

There is always something to do when holidaying in Mandurah no matter what time of the year it is. Ranging from a stroll through wildflower gardens to fishing, cruising, jet skiing on open water or playing a round of golf.

A very popular activity is to view the local dolphins as they play, feed and swim around the local estuary and canals.

Surrounded by beautiful beaches, restaurants and wineries, Mandurah is the place to visit.

Mandurah Car Hire proudly offering a fleet of brand new vehicles to accommodate people looking to explore the beautiful Peel region and beyond.

When looking for a car, Mandurah Car Hire can provide you with the following:

When planning your next holiday in Mandurah, Mandurah City Car Hire is the company to call for all your small, medium and large vehicle needs.

With their wealth of experience in car hire you can be assured of receiving honest, reliable and friendly advice and a vehicle to perfectly suit your needs.

For all enquiries please call NOW on (08) 9581 7870 or book directly
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